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Seeped in the culture and tradition of Haridwar, Devnadi- The Heritage Hotel, located right on the banks of Ganges. It was earlier known as the Sagar Ganga Resort, run by legendary Bollywood Director/Producer, Padma Shri Ramanand Sagar Ji. The historic Haveli has a legacy of over 150 years, it also served as the Summer Holiday Home to the Queen of Nepal and was popularly called as "Nepali Kothi". The Hotel boasts of the Biggest Private Ghat in Haridwar, "The Madan Mohan Ghat" helping the devotees take a comfortable dip in the holy river with complete privacy and cleanliness.

The heritage hotel's Ganga Sagar Suite has been witness to many Saga's, whether it was the quality and peaceful time spent by The Queen and her loved ones or the writings of iconic television series "Ramayana", "Jai Shri Krishna", “Jai Shri Gange” aired in the '90s and revolutionizing the Indian Television Industry forever by giving textbook spirituality and religion a visual meaning.

Devnadi- The Heritage Hotelnear Har Ki Pauri is a spiritual retreat, a perfect amalgamation of yesterday and today, it's the best way one can have a great family and alone time from the daily hustle-bustle. When you walk inside Devnadi, you come to History, Heritage, Grandeur draped in lots and lots of warmth.


The spectacular love and acceptance of "Devnadi- The Heritage Hotel" by our lovely guests have made us one of the top/highest rated properties in the entire Haridwar region on social media in a very short span of time. It is frequently the No.1 ranked hotel in terms of popularity and guest service. The love from the guests has been a constant motivation to the fact that we stand true to our Vision and Motto of “Atithi Devo Bhava”.

The glory and splendour of this 150 years old architectural marvel is better experienced than told. The freshly rebuilt "Haveli" has all the state of art modern comforts retaining its history & its heritage touch. It is located within a walking distance from the Railway station, Bus station and from the most sacred Ghat "Harkipauri" too. The local bazaars and relevant historic temples with splendid sight are a hop-skip-jump away.

Hotel Devnadi Haridwar Har Ki Pauri

Devnadi- Unlike any other modernized property hinges on maintaining the essence of holy waters of the City of Haridwar rather than just focusing on making it a sale-able brand. The idea is to make you experience what the city was at the time of ancient Haridwar. 

Devnadi aims at giving you the smaller joys of life. It takes you on a flight back to yesterday, when life was simple, things were easy. It aims at making you bond better.. so small joys look bigger than ever. Devnadi is not just about luxury, it’s about a ride to heritage and history draped in comfort.

Come join us and let us take you on this unforgettable journey of Ganges.


Transcend into an Ethereal Past


About Us

Seeped in the culture and tradition of Haridwar, Devnadi Hotel, located right on the banks of Maa Ganga, was earlier known as the Sagar Ganga Resort, run by the famous Bollywood icon, Padma Shri Ramanand Sagar ji. OurDevnadi- The Heritage Hotel is a spiritual retreat, a perfect amalgamation of yesterday and today. 


Rooms and Suites

Devnadi is an 8 room Kothi. Three of them courtyard/street facing and 5 of them facing towards Maa Ganga. The interiors and the wall paints take you back to ancient times. The River Facing rooms are all East Faced ensuring you wake up with the Sun rays falling on you and the soothing sounds of Maa Ganga flowing and birds chirping reaching your ears.

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Sattvik Restaurant

“Sattvik” restaurant, as the name suggests offers its guests the purest, freshest, delicious food. It is a Multi-Cuisine restaurant given the diaspora of the people that come to Devnadi. Having your meal with the view of Maa Ganga is all you can ask for. 

Hotel Devnadi, Haridwar Haridwar Private Ghat2 Hotel Devnadi Haridwar


Private Bathing Ghat

With millions of devotees flocking to Haridwar to worship and take a dip in  Maa Ganga, the Ghats can be really crowded. The hustle-bustle can deprive the elderly of a comfortable dip in the goddess river and the people who are looking for a quiet time with their Goddess river.


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Hotel Amenities

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Laundry service
  • Private Ghat
  • Restaurant
  • Tea and Coffee maker
  • Daily Newspaper
  • Free Yoga Sessions by the Ganges
  • Tea/Coffee by the Ghat
  • Hair Dryer
  • Travel Desk
  • Great Location
  • Lake View
  • Waterfront property
  • Walking distance from the Railway Station
  • Walking distance from the Bus Stand


9 Rated by Guests


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