Padma Shri Ramanand Sagar Ji

Ramanand. Hotel Devnadi Haridwar

Padma Shri Ramanand Sagar was a noted writer/director in the Indian cinema and took over the property soon after writing the adaptation of the blockbuster mythological tale of “The Ramayana” for Indian Television. On his visit to the land of gods, he got smitten by the mesmerizing view and colony of the property and decided to take over it. He never let the spirit of the place die and named it “Sagar Ganga Resorts”. He sat there at the property right next to Ganga ghat many evenings writing new concepts and tales to take the Indian television by storm. He paid his ode to Maa Ganga by creating another Television serial “Jai Shri Gange” which was again very popular with the masses in India.

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