Rooms at Hotel Devnadi, Haridwar

Devnadi is a 08 room Heritage Haveli. The Deluxe/Standard Double Room category are courtyard/Street facing on the ground level. The Super Deluxe, Supreme Super Deluxe and The Ganga Sagar Suite category are facing the Holy Ganges with a private balcony/sitting area on level -01 and -02. 

The interiors and the wall paints take you back to the ancient times. The River Facing rooms are all East Faced ensuring you wake up with the Sun rays falling on you and the soothing sounds of Maa Ganga flowing and birds chirping reaching your ears. 
The rooms have it all, the 15 foot high ceilings, the Roshandaans, the Khidkis, the Mehraabs on the walls, Private balconies on the Ganges.There is an abundance of natural sunlight and clean air to make your stay a bliss and a refreshing change from the concrete jungles we usually stay in.


Hotel Devnadi Haridwar Standard Rooms Hotel Devnadi Haridwar 1

Deluxe Rooms (Street/Courtyard facing)

These are double occupancy rooms on the Ground Level with ample spacing and a view that opens up to the age-old streets and courtyards of Haridwar. Only a few steps away from the Private Ghat of the Hotel. The room also features a 30" LED TV with an active connection along with high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and is the perfect abode for a solo traveler.

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Hotel Devnadi Haridwar Super Deluxe Rooms Hotel Devnadi Haridwar 1

Supreme Super Deluxe Rooms ( Ganga Facing Room on Ghat level)

These rooms are built facing the benevolent River Ganga which leads your mornings and evenings to light up the rooms like heaven itself.  The room is built 1-2 floors above Maa Ganga, giving a very beautiful sunrise.

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Hotel Devnadi Haridwar Superior Rooms Hotel Devnadi Haridwar 3

Super Deluxe Rooms (Ganga facing with Private Balcony)

These rooms are traditionally designed rooms to go in sync with the age-old heritage of the hotel. It fulfills the ultimate fantasy of every pilgrim to wake up with a view of the blessed holy Ganga. 

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Hotel Devnadi Haridwar Suites Hotel Devnadi Haridwar 2

Ganga Sagar Suite (Ganga Facing with Private balcony)

The Suite is very special because, even when Devnadi was Sagar Ganga Resorts run by Ramanand Sagar Ji, this suite was not open to the public and was always booked for him when he used to come to his second home by Maa Ganga for Inspiration. 

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